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Next CHSA Meeting

Tuesday 15 June 2021 at 6pm via Microsoft Teams

If you wish to contact the committee or have agenda items you wish to raise please click here to email.

Previous CHSA Minutes 

    Academic Year 2020/2021

    Academic Year 2019/2020

    The School Associations (CHSA) Annual Appeal

    Please see below for the printable version of the 2019 CHSA Annual Appeal form.  


    Who Are We?

    This is the parent association and is a registered charity.  Every Parent/Carer of a child who attends Corfe Hills School is considered to be a member of the Corfe Hills School Association and would be warmly greeted at our meetings.  

    We aim to find ways to fund additional learning opportunities and experience for students and to allocate that funding appropriately. 

    There is just one meeting a term lasting a couple of hours with tea/coffee and usually cake. We have a President (Headteacher), Chair, Treasurer and Secretary (to take the minutes), the school governors are represented as is Poole School Association. The meetings are relaxed and we usually have a presentation from either pupils or staff on a topic which the CHSA have supported or are considering supporting.

    What do we do?

    Formally the aims of the Association are:

    • To provide the opportunity for discussions between parents/ carers, teaching staff, governors and students
    • To raise money for projects that would otherwise not be funded from the school budget
    • To support the teaching staff

    How has the CHSA supported students in the past?

    We financially support a range of events, programmes and activities including the annual production at the Lighthouse, the Rock Challenge, the purchase of a school mini bus, a grand piano, drum kit and extended weight lifting facilities in the gym.  We have also supported the inclusion athletics at National level, the year 9 visit to Swanage, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Ghanian pupil visit, DT equipment, specialist games for the assisted learning team, cameras for media, outside benches and STEM club.

    Our desire is to keep supporting the students and the School. 

    How can I help?

    It’s easy, simple and rewarding.

    We ask two simple things, firstly at the annual collection for the CHSA, which is usually in the autumn, please remember to send back your envelopes or as of autumn 2014 support us via The Just Giving site. This is really important as the more we collect the more we can spend on our children.

    Secondly, please sign up to the The Giving Machine (TheGivingMachine.co.uk).  This is a website which supports us by donating money every time you spend online, just go to your usual shopping site via The Giving Machine website.

    It is safe, easy and won’t cost you a thing. Just choose the CHSA as your charity and shop away.

    Please take the time to look at the brochure on the drop down menu or the hyperlink.

    We need you!

    The committee is small but effective. Many of its regular attendees will be leaving this year, as their children move on to the next step in their education. In order to maintain the support given to date, we need parents/carers to attend the meetings and join in the discussions.  This is a small commitment and is very rewarding.  Here are some comments from some parents who attend the meetings.

    “I haven’t felt so involved in my child's education since primary school. It’s a good feeling”

    “Since coming to the meetings I have got to know the Head and some of my child's teachers and they have got to know me. I wouldn’t have had this without coming to the CHSA meetings”

    “I get a real satisfaction knowing what is going on in the school and being involved the decisions of the CHSA”

    Although it is a large school don’t leave it to someone else - they may be saying the same as you!

    Please come when you can and do as much as you can manage.